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Extreme Detangler & Conditioner

“Extreme Detangler and Conditioner”   This product is formulated with a proprietary silicone blend and hydrolyzed silk to leave silky smooth shinny hair, that will repel dirt and keep coats cleaner for a longer time.  This is a non-toxic and hypo-allergenic product.   It will detangle and condition horse, dog, cat or any pet hair, but it works better to prevent burrs, tangles, and matting after it is applied.

This is a leave in conditioner that will leave the hair or fur manageable and will continue to protect the hair and prevent tangles for a weeks.  It will not leave a build up of dirt or oil.  This product dries quickly after application and the hair can be brushed either wet or dry.     

Mineral oil commonly used on horses can cause a oily buildup and a clogging of the horses pores that can causes skin irritation and a constant rubbing.   Extreme Detangler and Conditioner is hypoallergenic and will not plug the horses pores or irritate their skin.

This product provides UV protection and has Natural Vitamin E and B5 added to improve the health of the hair and skin.

It is lilac scented, but other scents (or unscented) are available upon special request.

All credit and personal information will be kept confidential and will not be sold.  No bank card information will be kept after processing, unless requested and then it will not be stored on any public system. 


Due to the high cost of shipping, we recommend ordering a minimum of 4 bottles at a time.  Any unopened bottles may be returned for a full product price refund. 


An email will be generated when the order is received and when it is shipped (usually within 24 hours upon funding).


On line Price   


                          1 bottle                                       total      $17

                          4 bottles                                      total      $ 60.00

                          8 bottles                                      total      $ 100.00          

                          1 Gallon                                     total      $ 75.00

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